Crayon Dragon Headshot

Been working on an old doodle I must have started two years ago.


It was a fullbody dragon sketch until I picked it back up three weeks ago and inked it with a sharpie pen. I wasn’t willing to spend time using prismacolor pencils on it, so I started using crayola crayons. I’m not sure why, but in the end it was fun (if not a learning experience). Eventually I’ll get a full picture of it instead of a partial scan.


Hamlet Poster

I had to make an art piece for the Shakepeare play Hamlet:

Nothing says Hamlet like death and swords.

I should have spent the time painting the poster black and use my white gel pen for a more dramatic effect, but I’ve been running short on time. The quote is from Act III, scene ii, at the end of Hamlet’s final soliloquy. I didn’t want to use “To be or not to be…” since it is one of the most quoted lines from the play.

I tried to put in as many objects from the play as possible: a rose for the love/romance between Ophelia and Hamlet, a cup of wine and poisoned pearl from the final scene, swords from the duel between Laertes and Hamlet, the snake which stands for the poisoning of the Old King Hamlet, and the skeleton Hamlet because it’s a tragedy and the hero must of course die in the final act.

Posterboard with black and red sharpies and a red paint marker. A reference was used for the skull head. I cut the posterboard into an odd shape so unfortunately I can’t scan it properly ):



A slightly awkward black and white fish drawing in sharpie and black pen:

I regret not using a reference image, but I was in a room with absolutely no internet service to look up koi/fish. I probably should have asked for a book of fish. Hopefully it will become a simple tee shirt design.

Here’s a bonus dragon head I liked:


Angry Narwhals, Big Skunks

Two more redo’s of some cute things in colored pencil and pens. This time it’s the skunk and the narwhal.

I prefer the narwhal in my sketchbook, but it’s hard to get a good quality scan out of the book (I’m unwilling to squash it down into the scanner) and there are distracting words around it. This narwhal looks incredibly angry; he’s mad because a fair number of people don’t know what a narwhal is (the unicorn of the sea!) or its because his face is a little distorted.

He’s pretty mad. He might just use that horn.

Here’s a big version of the skunk for giggles. He’s also angry for whatever reason.

Good thing he’s not doing a handstand…..

Here’s all four together. I plan to continue making more. I’ll probably follow up with a snake or a whale.


Handbound Book: Page 11

Page 11: Lost in Lines

Finally finished page 11. It’s a whole page with crazy lines and patterns and doodling. I don’t think I managed the patterns very consistantly and from far away the thing looks a little crazy, but it is done. Frankly there’s no way to fix it or any space to add anything.

Page Technique: Pretty self explanatory from the photos. It’s just some roofing paper and covered in outlines in pen and sharpie. I just kept doodling and making patterns till the page was full.

Here is a close up of some of the detail:

You can see there is som difference in the quality of the ink in certain places. The ballpoint pen is slightly off-black (?) and reddish, while the sharpie is very dark. Towards the end, I was getting tired of the sharpie fumes and switched to an old color pen.

I’m also working on page 10 at the same time:

It will be next after a little more marker work and maybe even a bit of paints. And there will be JELLIES.


Snowy Owl

I used a reference and drew this little snowy owl in sharpie:

I kept it black and white and outlined it in blue paint pen because I was too lazy to color the whole thing in. The feathers are out of porportion, and I should have sketched out every feather, but I was too lazy (again). Anyways, it was good practice for learning the overall shape of birds.