Crayon Dragon

Green and blue crayon dragon full piece:

Crayon Dragon WM

I have an old pencil box full of random crayons. I found that the crayolas had solid colors but cheap random brand ones could give a nice waxy blend on top. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the lineart because part of it is kind of obsured, but it’s not a huge loss. The whole thing to big to scan in it’s entirety and likes to roll up at the ends; it’s about the size of two sheets of 8” x 11” paper or approximately 11” x  17”.



Crayon Dragon Headshot

Been working on an old doodle I must have started two years ago.


It was a fullbody dragon sketch until I picked it back up three weeks ago and inked it with a sharpie pen. I wasn’t willing to spend time using prismacolor pencils on it, so I started using crayola crayons. I’m not sure why, but in the end it was fun (if not a learning experience). Eventually I’ll get a full picture of it instead of a partial scan.

Adventure Amidst the Joshua Trees

Last weekend I had a little adventure in the desert behind my house. There happened to be some Joshua Trees beyond a wash full of sand and rocks and random trash. I missed their blooms but there were these odd green fruits that I had no idea the trees were even capable of producing.



What saddened me was the amount of trash that had accumulated in the wash. There was concrete, plastic bags, wood, even a tire. I know for a fact a huge number of people enjoy that desert area but do not clean up after themselves, making cute animals like the jackrabbit below had to live in a less than pristine environment:Image

Ninjas of the Insect World:

Mantids have 5 eyes. That’s right, five. They are able to turn their heads about 180 degrees around in order to spot their prey or any movement up to 60 feet.

I’ve decided mantids are the ninjas of the insect world and definitively my favorite insect. Fortunately I get the opportunity to watch them in my garden and snap photos.

With their infinte patience to wait for prey and lightning front limbs, they are the silent assassins to ants, ladybugs, and other insects. They don’t just crawl up a plant like a spider or ant. They practically undulate up the branch in order to mimic leaves and prevent from being preyed on by birds. More exotic species resemble orchids and elaborate leaves to wait for prey.

Nymph on a mango branch

I snapped several photos of a pair of mantises on some potted plants. The below mantis is a fantastic tan/yellow color that’s lost in the photo. She blends in perfectly with the dead leaves on the wisteria plant she’s currently occupying. Most of the mantises in my yard are green or shades of brown, but on occasion there are some odd yellow ones.

Mantises are great because they kill pesky ants and don’t target humans (like evil bees and wasps). I remember one time when I saw someone smash a mantis into the asphalt because it hit her while flying through the air. Mantises don’t bother people and definitely don’t need to be killed; a quick brush of the hand is all that’s needed to shoo them off.

I feel like I should make a mantis bumper sticker or something to spread awareness- …….”Mantises are your friends…DEADLY NINJA FRIENDS.”


Practice and Progress

Some book stuff.

I’m trying to work slow with the book. It’s a tricky line because I want to get the pages painted and done, but at the same time I don’t want to make mistakes. For this reason, I made a little practice paper to try out sewing into paper and colors. I painted the grey watercolor over both sides, added a little rubbing alcohol, and painted the random lines all over it. Unfortunetly I did learn that the watercolor paper is way too thick to sew into (in a quick fashion). I had to pre-punch the holes with an exacto knife and it took an excessive amount of time to sew. I frankly am too impatient with a needle and tread to try this again. I added the numbers (which are old old label numbers I found in a box) last.

It will probably be glued into the book or put into an envelope. It was a good practice of painting and such, so I’ll keep it for later. Besides that, there’s some images for the next pages (9 and 16). I have an idea for page 9, sort of going to play around with it, but I painted page 16 only out of impulse. I used a sprizer to add rubbing alcohol to the watercolor. Alcohol is a pretty cool thing to drop onto watercolor because it makes odd patterns that are splotchy, but not as splotchy and textured as adding salt.

Page 9 wip1

Page 16 wip1