Ascension Dragon wip2

‘Ascension Dragon’ almost done with prismacolor colored pencils…..:

I had to tweak the colors because the scanner made it a washed-out sun-baked version. I’m still fiddling with the background; I should have planned out the background a little better, but I’m proud of the range of purples I have on the dragon. I’ll post the full piece once I’m done.



Ascension Inks

‘Ascension Dragon’ inked with micron pens. I intend to color the alien-dragon purplish with a full galaxy-like background by next week. We’ll see how realistic that goal is….

I’ve never made a space dragon this large before, and with a full background, so it will be a new frontier to explore!


More Flowers

Some more photos from last weekend:

It seems all the photos I take are of flowers.