Hark! A Wasp!

I’m not sure if I’m becoming lazier or braver as I age, but wasps and bees freak me out less.┬áThe older I become the more ideas scare me like awkwardly running into old friends at restaurants, sweating out interviews, or forgetting to bring something.

On another tangent- the rose above reminds me of lollipops. The more photos I take, the more shapes I see in them- like watching clouds on an afternoon.



Morning Photos

I took some photos of my garden this morning- that never happens! Anyways, I pity the garden; it’s become overgrown and weedy.


Swirly Roses

More photos, more roses.

Sometimes I feel like all I do is the same thing over and over again, the same roses, the same yard, the same photos. I need to get out more.


Photos and Words

Some more photos I took over the past two weeks:


The weather has been going crazy; one week it was raining and misty, the next, it was hot and windy. In the meantime I’m also working on my Handbound book. It’s a little tricky to plan out all the pages. I’m thinking of painting some words on some pages. I found some old word practice I did and I really like the bottom design: