Yesterday I took a break to go out into the backyard and take photos.

Small little insects busy on a weed in my backyard.:


A white flower from one of my favorite trees:


Both photos are unedited except for the addition of the watermark of course.


Hark! A Wasp!

I’m not sure if I’m becoming lazier or braver as I age, but wasps and bees freak me out less.┬áThe older I become the more ideas scare me like awkwardly running into old friends at restaurants, sweating out interviews, or forgetting to bring something.

On another tangent- the rose above reminds me of lollipops. The more photos I take, the more shapes I see in them- like watching clouds on an afternoon.


Morning Photos

I took some photos of my garden this morning- that never happens! Anyways, I pity the garden; it’s become overgrown and weedy.


Butterflies Like Airplanes

Two skipper butterfiles I stumbled upon as they sat on my guava tree.

These insects may resemble moths, but they are actually butterfiles. They dart and dance aound lantana and other flowers in my garden. Plus they are delicious preying mantis food.