Hamlet Poster

I had to make an art piece for the Shakepeare play Hamlet:

Nothing says Hamlet like death and swords.

I should have spent the time painting the poster black and use my white gel pen for a more dramatic effect, but I’ve been running short on time. The quote is from Act III, scene ii, at the end of Hamlet’s final soliloquy. I didn’t want to use “To be or not to be…” since it is one of the most quoted lines from the play.

I tried to put in as many objects from the play as possible: a rose for the love/romance between Ophelia and Hamlet, a cup of wine and poisoned pearl from the final scene, swords from the duel between Laertes and Hamlet, the snake which stands for the poisoning of the Old King Hamlet, and the skeleton Hamlet because it’s a tragedy and the hero must of course die in the final act.

Posterboard with black and red sharpies and a red paint marker. A reference was used for the skull head. I cut the posterboard into an odd shape so unfortunately I can’t scan it properly ):



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