Adventure Amidst the Joshua Trees

Last weekend I had a little adventure in the desert behind my house. There happened to be some Joshua Trees beyond a wash full of sand and rocks and random trash. I missed their blooms but there were these odd green fruits that I had no idea the trees were even capable of producing.



What saddened me was the amount of trash that had accumulated in the wash. There was concrete, plastic bags, wood, even a tire. I know for a fact a huge number of people enjoy that desert area but do not clean up after themselves, making cute animals like the jackrabbit below had to live in a less than pristine environment:Image


Ladybug and Praying Mantis

I went outside today to take some photos of birds, ladybugs, and other insects.

Here’s a ladybug I found on a leaf:

Here’s a little praying mantis- the first I’ve seen this year.

I hope my neighbors don’t think I’m stange- I was standing on a sprinkerbox, reaching up as high as I could to take this picture and it probably looked really odd.