Angry Narwhals, Big Skunks

Two more redo’s of some cute things in colored pencil and pens. This time it’s the skunk and the narwhal.

I prefer the narwhal in my sketchbook, but it’s hard to get a good quality scan out of the book (I’m unwilling to squash it down into the scanner) and there are distracting words around it. This narwhal looks incredibly angry; he’s mad because a fair number of people don’t know what a narwhal is (the unicorn of the sea!) or its because his face is a little distorted.

He’s pretty mad. He might just use that horn.

Here’s a big version of the skunk for giggles. He’s also angry for whatever reason.

Good thing he’s not doing a handstand…..

Here’s all four together. I plan to continue making more. I’ll probably follow up with a snake or a whale.


Chinese New Year

I’m sort of excited for the next new year, Year of the Dragon, so it’s appropriate to post a dragon:

Still Unfinished.

I couldn’t find the original colored pencil version of it, so it’s the photoshop coloring version. As I’m working on it, I’m thinking up a companion short story for this guy. I’m thinking he’s an evil ice dragon holding a mountain pass and force people to give him sheep or somthing as a toll.


Nothing can stay lost.

Not if it’s on the internet.

Today I clicked into my Youtube account for some background music and I found these old videos of music I found a long time ago. All this brought a lot of memories.

Flowbot’s Handlebars:  I first heard this from an old friend a long time ago. At first we used to laugh about how random the song was; I mean, he said ‘platypus’.. Then we watched the video.

Flowbot’s Rise:  

Switchfoot’s: Oh! Gravity: 

Coldplay’s The Scientist:  This song makes me sad. But I keep replaying it anyway.

U2’s If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight: