No Heart Line, No Sun Line

No Heart Line, No Sun Line

I don’t always draw people, but when I do, they look like faux-Wolverines.
My character Zanik in his human shape, which by his own admission, doesn’t look that human on closer inspection. He’s really a dragon (the same one from Fire and Ash) with three horns, which I tried to translate into hair, but it only ended up looking like more like Wolverine’s cut than I wanted. whoops.
His shape isn’t a simple glamour or spell, it’s a shapeshift which is based off his natural scale colors which are red, black, and grey (hence the overly grey color). I probably should have drawn him a little more angry or something – the raised eyebrow look isn’t working for him.

C&C welcome!
1 hour and 34 minutes in Oekaki
(Title shamelessly stolen from Los Campesino’s “Baby I Got the Death Rattle”)


Fire and Ash





Fire and Ash

One of my oldest characters, Zanik. He’s not interested in obligations, familial or otherwise, feels loyalty to very few dragons, and mostly sticks to himself. He’s nice if he deems you a friend, but rude to just about anyone else.

He used to be one of those catch-all OCs with crazy super powers and tragic back stories, but in recent years I’ve sorted out his personality and history so he’s a little more respectable. Sometimes I think about drawing a comic for him and his friends, but I’m lacking in the ‘draw anything consistently’ category.

Overall I’m pretty happy about how it turned out, especially his facial profile. He’s supposed to resemble a more reptilian, snake-ish dragon as opposed to some friendly Oriental style creature. The halo is not part of his design, but I thought it would look cool. He’s a dragon playing for the good side anyway. Even if he is a bit of a jerk, he’ll get around to doing the right thing eventually.

1 hr and 47 mins in Oekaki


Red Scully 2


Red Scully 2

Oh glorious red pen! How I’ve missed you!
More character refinement on an old character of mine. The proportions of the face and antlers are better than the last picture I drew, but there’s still some off parts about his neck (llama neck!?) and leg that bothers me. One day I hope to nail down all the details and nuiances of all my imaginations — I’d say Scully is about 50% done.

Anyway, comments and critique are highly appreciated. (:

The Red Menace

I finished up an old, old, old sketch of my monster character Scully today. I’ve been very busy lately and producing pretty sub-par things in my sketchbook. This quick sketch tells me I should have referenced my own designs more and practiced deer legs. The character is pretty off in terms of the horns and the face, but I’m glad I finished something.

Red Scully wm
Done with pencil and a random red pen.

Hamlet Poster

I had to make an art piece for the Shakepeare play Hamlet:

Nothing says Hamlet like death and swords.

I should have spent the time painting the poster black and use my white gel pen for a more dramatic effect, but I’ve been running short on time. The quote is from Act III, scene ii, at the end of Hamlet’s final soliloquy. I didn’t want to use “To be or not to be…” since it is one of the most quoted lines from the play.

I tried to put in as many objects from the play as possible: a rose for the love/romance between Ophelia and Hamlet, a cup of wine and poisoned pearl from the final scene, swords from the duel between Laertes and Hamlet, the snake which stands for the poisoning of the Old King Hamlet, and the skeleton Hamlet because it’s a tragedy and the hero must of course die in the final act.

Posterboard with black and red sharpies and a red paint marker. A reference was used for the skull head. I cut the posterboard into an odd shape so unfortunately I can’t scan it properly ):