Angry Narwhals, Big Skunks

Two more redo’s of some cute things in colored pencil and pens. This time it’s the skunk and the narwhal.

I prefer the narwhal in my sketchbook, but it’s hard to get a good quality scan out of the book (I’m unwilling to squash it down into the scanner) and there are distracting words around it. This narwhal looks incredibly angry; he’s mad because a fair number of people don’t know what a narwhal is (the unicorn of the sea!) or its because his face is a little distorted.

He’s pretty mad. He might just use that horn.

Here’s a big version of the skunk for giggles. He’s also angry for whatever reason.

Good thing he’s not doing a handstand…..

Here’s all four together. I plan to continue making more. I’ll probably follow up with a snake or a whale.



Cute Redux

I’m supposed to keep turning out cute animal things to sell, but it’s the hardest thing to draw right now. I’ve only managed to make three new ‘cute’ images in the past month. I’m now using my prismacolor colored pencils instead of just plain markers for a little more shading and color.

Redrew the PB & J jellyfish to be larger and without a background. Plus more anatomically correct (concerning the tentacles at least…):

Puppy that looks suspiciously like one of my dogs:

I’ll probably finish redoing the skunk and raccoon pictures I have sooner or later.


Crochet Projects

I can crochet, not especially well, but I can follow amigurmi patterns and such. Here are some of the cute little patterns I followed to make some animals.


And an octopus~

And the best little rabbit pattern (WITH A MUSTACHE!) ~ The pattern was really simple, but it didn’t list a hook size. I used a G hook, but the photos look like a larger gauge than what I ended up with… Either way, I’m making a white one as a gift for my friend.


If I Was a Dog…

If you were a breed of dog, what kind would you be?
(Not the kind that appeals to you most, the one with the most similar personality traits.)

Irish Wolfhound

Can’t really think of a dog that sums up all of me…..

I’d probably be a Irish Wolfhound. I’d say I’m rather friendly and can be destructive if left to my own devices- like Irish Wolfhounds. I think it’s an anxiety thing. I like to make stuff and fiddle with arts and crafts when I’m alone at home and it makes a mess. Alternately I could be a Tibetan Terrier- also friendly and a good companion dog. I have a Tibetan Terrier and he’s a fantastic dog because he’s good at listening and (pretty good at) following commands (a majority of the time). Here he is in his mustache’d glory:

My dog :)

Either way I like both breeds but I don’t have a wolfhound because I don’t have the space. And I’d really not want to come home to a huge dog that chewed the couch while I was away…

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More or Less Corny Stuff.

Money says that the cute corny crud sells better. I should go work for Hallmark and draw silly images of animals all day.

I’m suppose to make a panda valentine next. I have no idea how to draw a panda………


My Zoo.

Every once and I while I pass by them- these beautifully behaved pets. And I am not talking about the ones on TV commercials or movies. I see them trotting in the park, following the heel command. They don’t jump or strain their necks to sniff a pile of crap or the nearest jogger. They sit dutifully on the grass, free from a leash, while their owner labors over the front yard or work in the garage. They are not like my dogs.

All my little pets antic’s make great stories. I have a myriad of silly things that happen when I turn my back and let the dogs out of my sight. They run outside and then decide the outside world is both exciting and terrible (so they run back inside the house at the first sight of cars). They discover birds are fun to bark at and sneak up on. They make other people laugh at their legendary exploits, I get jealous of the respectful, smart dogs who have proper manners. And the ones who don’t poop on people’s lawns as they step out of their front doors and pee on Chrismas decorations…

All the dogs I own are smart- in the way all dog owners think thier dog is smart. They sit, stay, shake paws, and know how to manipulate you into giving them a treat before bed. However they are still wild animals in a zoo. They eat toilet paper, steal napkins, bark at nothing, unravel yarn and knit hats, and sprint out of the nearest open door as if its the finish line at some Olympic race. :0


Rogue Out.