The Bullfighter



Random dragon on sketchbook paper with micron pens.



The Martyr

Promised myself I’d get back in the swing of posting once a week, so here’s a sketchbook scan:

The Matyr

My scanner hates my sketchbook – the blurry side and off coloring are after-effects of its perpetual anger. I’ve also learned a new lesson- use a ruler when drawing chess pieces!

Anyway, the image was first a doodle of a dragon head and then I played with some new black micron pens. The bottommost swirls are actually purple micron pen, but the color’s off.

Someday I’d like to write a full story about dragons and knights and castles. I have so many ideas; one day I’ll sit down and write them all out.

Ascension Inks

‘Ascension Dragon’ inked with micron pens. I intend to color the alien-dragon purplish with a full galaxy-like background by next week. We’ll see how realistic that goal is….

I’ve never made a space dragon this large before, and with a full background, so it will be a new frontier to explore!


Recent Adventures

Been working up a huge pile of works in progress over the summer and I need to guilt myself into finishing them:

Started a peacock painting with acrylics sometime last month. I hope to get more comfortable with painting -since I seem to literally more of a pencil pusher.

Still working on my Handbound book project. I’m thinking of fixing the cover with some cool stencil or something. Maybe a cool branchy tree. I’m also gearing up to write down text on page 13:

Nice pair of eyes.

¬†Also working on my very first sculpture with some exceedingly old original scupley clay. If it had an expiration date, it’s probably way past it by now. It’s consistency it a bit chalky and I’m not sure if its supposed to be like that or it’s spent too many hours in a stuffy room. Either way, I’m hoping to get the feet done, smooth out the face and body, and put a pair of wings on him before baking.

And on the side I have my good ol’ standby- traditional art with pencil, paper, and micron pens for inking. It’s a scaly, two-eyed creature. The more I draw scales the easier it gets. Sure it’s a little tedious, but with a bit of patience, the end result is always impressive.

Hopefully I’ll be getting it all done soon.



Sort of ill colored Panser monster I drew a few months ago. I must have used my crappest pencils ever since it was so hard to color over them. I salvaged the coloring a bit so it would look more green/brown/olive than the atrocity it was before. I wish it was a bit more green to match its decoration/flag/things. Now I know which colored pencils do not color over well….

Micron pens, highlighters, colored pencils and prismacolors.