A Foxy Watercolor

A fox watercolor painting:


I am planning to tweak it further and add in more blues and splatters for the background. I didn’t mix most of the pigments; I used a set of watercolor paints I obtained from a long time ago and each tube is already some manufactured shade (…at one point in my life I’d like to try my hand at using the traditional watercolor pigments like burnt umber and vermilion…) It was a fun experiment and a nice diversion from the usual art I do.



Crayon Dragon Headshot

Been working on an old doodle I must have started two years ago.


It was a fullbody dragon sketch until I picked it back up three weeks ago and inked it with a sharpie pen. I wasn’t willing to spend time using prismacolor pencils on it, so I started using crayola crayons. I’m not sure why, but in the end it was fun (if not a learning experience). Eventually I’ll get a full picture of it instead of a partial scan.

Ninjas of the Insect World:

Mantids have 5 eyes. That’s right, five. They are able to turn their heads about 180 degrees around in order to spot their prey or any movement up to 60 feet.

I’ve decided mantids are the ninjas of the insect world and definitively my favorite insect.¬†Fortunately I get the opportunity to watch them in my garden and snap photos.

With their infinte patience to wait for prey and lightning front limbs, they are the silent assassins to ants, ladybugs, and other insects. They don’t just crawl up a plant like a spider or ant. They practically undulate up the branch in order to mimic leaves and prevent from being preyed on by birds. More exotic species resemble orchids and elaborate leaves to wait for prey.

Nymph on a mango branch

I snapped several photos of a pair of mantises on some potted plants. The below mantis is a fantastic tan/yellow color that’s lost in the photo. She blends in perfectly with the dead leaves on the wisteria plant she’s currently occupying. Most of the mantises in my yard are green or shades of brown, but on occasion there are some odd yellow ones.

Mantises are great because they kill pesky ants and don’t target humans (like evil bees and wasps). I remember one time when I saw someone smash a mantis into the asphalt because it hit her while flying through the air. Mantises don’t bother people and definitely don’t need to be killed; a quick brush of the hand is all that’s needed to shoo them off.

I feel like I should make a mantis bumper sticker or something to spread awareness- …….”Mantises are your friends…DEADLY NINJA FRIENDS.”


Photos and Words

Some more photos I took over the past two weeks:


The weather has been going crazy; one week it was raining and misty, the next, it was hot and windy. In the meantime I’m also working on my Handbound book. It’s a little tricky to plan out all the pages. I’m thinking of painting some words on some pages. I found some old word practice I did and I really like the bottom design: