Music I've Been Listening To Recently


Spoon LIVE @ Stubbs BBQ – SXSW 2007

Recently I’ve been listening to more of the same bands. I’m taking a second look at my favorite bands: Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Spoon, Arctic Monkeys, etc. Probably falling in love with all of them…All over again.

1. Spoon’s “Something To Look Forward To”

I love Spoon. Especially their name. They have fantastic instrumentals that I hum in my head all day.

2. Arctic Monkey’s “Fluorescent Adolescent”

“Fluorescent Adolescent” is the second song I ever heard from this band. I found them on Youtube forever ago, and I almost forgot about them until they released their “Suck it and See” album this year.

3. Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start”

I honestly liked Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” album better than “The Suburbs”. I think “Ready To Start” is the one of the stronger pieces.

4. Modest Mouse’s “I’ve Got It All(Most)”

Modest Mouse is awesome.

5. Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s “Home”

This song reminds me of the 70s or something. It has that vintage feel but it’s from 2010.

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Musical Performances I'd Like to See Live

Modest Mouse! The Spoon! The Strokes/ or Arcade Fire!

Modest Mouse Isaac004

Whoo! That would be righteously awsome.

I’ve missed many chances to see several bands I like; notably Arcade Fire at Coachella this year. Both Modest Mouse and Spoon have hit popularity in the past years, but I haven’t heard any of them coming to were I live. U:

I don’t care if I have to wade through a crowd of sweaty, dancing, rabid people. I want to see Modest Mouse live one day.

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That Moment in Your 'Music Life'…

When you realize your favorite bands are playing at a concert.

And you can’t go.

I haven’t mentioned, but the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has some of my favorite bands…
Like ARCADE FIRE, THE STROKES, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB, etc.. and I couldn’t and can’t go -even if let’s say I had a ticket.

Cheer-Me-Up Music

Music doesn’t really cheer me up or bring me down. I tend to listen to whatever the latest song I happen to like. But there are some ‘trends’.

Hands in the air – in concert

Most of the music I listen to is some form of rock. If I feel sad I go for alternative and heavy rock, perhaps Three Day’s Grace. Let’s say I want to feel productive, creative, and so on, I’d probably listen to indie rock. My favorite bands happen to be Spoon and Modest Mouse in that genre. If I feel happy it’s probably going to be Sum 41, Green Day, Arcade Fire, Strokes, and any other type of music that’s not rock.

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