Weekly Photo Challenge: UP


Weekly Photo Challenge: UP

Early avocado blooms soaking in the sun, growing ever upwards.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

A bee. Or is it? Are things the same once they die or are they something else?

Here’s a black and white version, and I’m not sure which is better. Any thoughts?


The Lantana Queen


An ancient file I dredged up while I was in a ‘mantis mood’. Trying to spread a little more mantis appreciation on the web. Probably my favorite photo of a mantis, ever, posing on a lantana bush.

Female mantises are larger than their male counterparts. This one was at least three inches long and was in her ‘prime’ at the time. Around September/October the mantises in my yard are the biggest and most impressive.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Here’s my ‘friendship’ photo:

These are my two trouble makers, Chewie and Vader. In contrast to their obvious Star Wars name references, they are brothers, best friends, and always in league with each other. What they are doing in this picture, I don’t know. They are probably plotting some evils.