Scully Quick Sketch

Scully Quick Sketch

Sketch of my demon golem character Scully.
His body is constructed like a golem’s with bits and pieces from various animals, notably a deer’s body and a bear’s pelt. His creator intented to summon a servile spirit but unfortunately a malicious and petty one was summoned by accident. Scully’s not particularly invested in taking over the world but he does his best to mess around and make his creator’s life more difficult out of spite because he doesn’t enjoy his patchwork body (he desperately wishes he had claws) or the physical plane for that matter. He’s also pretty chatty, like all vindictive monsters should be. :)

20 minutes in Oekaki.

I’m trying to iron out his design so I can draw it with consistency.


Red Scully 2


Red Scully 2

Oh glorious red pen! How I’ve missed you!
More character refinement on an old character of mine. The proportions of the face and antlers are better than the last picture I drew, but there’s still some off parts about his neck (llama neck!?) and leg that bothers me. One day I hope to nail down all the details and nuiances of all my imaginations — I’d say Scully is about 50% done.

Anyway, comments and critique are highly appreciated. (:

The Red Menace

I finished up an old, old, old sketch of my monster character Scully today. I’ve been very busy lately and producing pretty sub-par things in my sketchbook. This quick sketch tells me I should have referenced my own designs more and practiced deer legs. The character is pretty off in terms of the horns and the face, but I’m glad I finished something.

Red Scully wm
Done with pencil and a random red pen.


More sketches from my sketchbook. All in green pen. First a unfinished phoenix:

Then a quick idea sketch of Scully, a character I’m working on. Next time I’ll look up some goat and alpaca references for its body.

I want to use my sketchbook for sketching people and animals, but I’d inevitably enter a cycle of drawing Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, etc characters. Then I couldn’t explain it to my average-joe friends who look into my sketchbooks why I am obsessed with certain shows.