Dairy vs. Meat

Would it be tougher for you to give up dairy or meat?

Elena with meat

I’d probably complain more if I had to give up meat because I eat it more often than dairy. While I may eat them occasionally, I’m not really fond of milk or yogurt. Sometimes I grab a cup of yoplait to satisfy some sweet tooth of mine, but most of the time it sits in my fridge. However, I could probably give up meat for a short amount of time if I could substitute fish instead. I love fish, especially salmon.

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My Favorite Cookie

Why hello almond cookie.

杏仁饼 Complimentary Almond Cookies – Red Emperor

Screw you run of the mill chocolate chip. He’s boring and only delicious if you’re not really tasting what you’re eating. Oatmeal is fine, cranberry is ok too. Peanut butter isn’t something you should put in a cookie in my opinion.

Almond cookie, you’re a gorgeous color of golden brown with a slice of almond on top. You crumble softly and leave a little orange-ish crumbs on the plate after I’m done, like some kind of magical star dust.

If I had a recipe; I’d bake you, I would. Every day.

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Three Countries I'd Like to Visit

The three countries I’d like to visit are all places I’m facinated by.


Skyline – Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong:
Disneyland! Plus I’ve heard it’s some of the most expensive real-estate in the world. It’s a small island within ferry distance of China, and some of my family came from there. It’s populated with small shops and restaurants and other equally intriguing things to me.


I love the food- sushi, soups, noodles, etc. Japan doesn’t export out any of their sushi rice, and I wonder what it tastes like! Plus I’m into manga, anime, and checking out the vending machines. Facinating. Plus I love Asian Kung Fu Generation, and I can’t get my hands on an album. :O

Isn’t it one of the best places to live or the most prosperous? I’d probably never visit in the winter however. I’ve heard it snows horrendously. Either way, I love smoked fish.

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Snack mix, the food of Friends!

I’d like to think Snack Mix is the food of good friends. It’s made for sharing and you never know what you will get.

Snack Mix

She was one of my best friends, and for some reason we both liked this snack mix. I lost the love I once had for the cheese-flavored mix, and moved onto Chex Mix, which I still love today.

Now everytime I see it on the shelves or in a vending machine, I think of her.

Other than that, the only other food that remindes me of someone is Orange Chicken and my dad. He always gets it when we go out for Chinese food.

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Let me take my sandwiches apart…

And keep my salad dressing on the side.

Vegan Sandwich

Ok, so I’m not totally consumed by my pet peeve/issues with food, but it’s sorta annoying. I think it started young, when I would bring sandwich components in separate bags to my 5th grade lunch and eat everything separate. I can eat most foods like the rest of the human population, but some things are really particular for me. I have to put it together myself, separate it, or something like that or I get edgy.

I can’t stand it when eggs touch the pancakes. Or whenever the runny yolk is near flowing into my other food. I like to have dressing on the side, or I myself pour it carefully on. I’ve always liked dry cereal and a big cup of milk instead of putting it together and letting the flakes get soggy. I get uneasy when family add more syrup to my carefully poured ring of syrup on each induvidual pancake. And spaghetti mixed into the sauce to throughly is one of the big ones. I usually eat the meat first, then vegtables, and then the rest of the dinner, not the whole, a little bit of each thing on a fork.

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