Robot Repair Time

Trusty wrench!

I should really get back to work on my other stuff rather than drawing my OCs in Adventure time style.

But either way, it was a fun exercise and I have a super simplified design for King, a robot engineer/maker/something. He has more skills with robots than with normal people and enjoys putting together flashy robots for battle tournaments as a way to make a living. He is best friend to this guy:

1 hour or so in Oekaki


Angry Narwhals, Big Skunks

Two more redo’s of some cute things in colored pencil and pens. This time it’s the skunk and the narwhal.

I prefer the narwhal in my sketchbook, but it’s hard to get a good quality scan out of the book (I’m unwilling to squash it down into the scanner) and there are distracting words around it. This narwhal looks incredibly angry; he’s mad because a fair number of people don’t know what a narwhal is (the unicorn of the sea!) or its because his face is a little distorted.

He’s pretty mad. He might just use that horn.

Here’s a big version of the skunk for giggles. He’s also angry for whatever reason.

Good thing he’s not doing a handstand…..

Here’s all four together. I plan to continue making more. I’ll probably follow up with a snake or a whale.


Cute Redux

I’m supposed to keep turning out cute animal things to sell, but it’s the hardest thing to draw right now. I’ve only managed to make three new ‘cute’ images in the past month. I’m now using my prismacolor colored pencils instead of just plain markers for a little more shading and color.

Redrew the PB & J jellyfish to be larger and without a background. Plus more anatomically correct (concerning the tentacles at least…):

Puppy that looks suspiciously like one of my dogs:

I’ll probably finish redoing the skunk and raccoon pictures I have sooner or later.


More or Less Corny Stuff.

Money says that the cute corny crud sells better. I should go work for Hallmark and draw silly images of animals all day.

I’m suppose to make a panda valentine next. I have no idea how to draw a panda………


I Blame TV.

It doesn’t rot minds. It simply wastes your productive energies and time.

I wasted spent most of my past free time catching up on shows like Grimm and White Collar. And watching Sherlock. Because it’ friggen blew up my mind with its inherent awesomess and then crushed it with the insane Reichenback Falls episode. That was crazy and I can’t get it out of my head. I figure I should get back to doing drawings and stuff.

Here are some scanned images of some silly marker and pen stuff in my sketchbook for Valentine’s day (maybe?):

Narwhals are in fact the unicorns of the sea. National Geographic says so.


Llamas for Love

Llamas for Valentines day?

More attempts to make money with cheap corny drawings. All done with no references and in pen and sharpie, so I’m sure the llama is a little messed up in the legs and the peahen is probably not the right color. I think it would be tragic to be a peahen, without the fancy butt feathers and all.