Sort of ill colored Panser monster I drew a few months ago. I must have used my crappest pencils ever since it was so hard to color over them. I salvaged the coloring a bit so it would look more green/brown/olive than the atrocity it was before. I wish it was a bit more green to match its decoration/flag/things. Now I know which colored pencils do not color over well….

Micron pens, highlighters, colored pencils and prismacolors.



More Pansers in Pen.

Forgot that I finished this sketch in my favorite green pen:

I forgot that I don’t know how to write neatly like normal people. Somehow part of my brain disregarded that fact and went ahead and wrote ‘Panser’ on it. Even with a ruler I cannot get it straight and nicely spaced.

IN OTHER NEWS. I have contemplated about the eraser shavings I carelessly dump on the floor when cleaning up a sketch… Where do they go exactly??? I’m starting to think they contribute to my dust bunny problem.



One day I will nail down exactly the shape and function of my ‘pansers’. I know ‘panser’ is German for tank, but I can’t resist the name. It’s better than calling them ‘beasties’ or ‘slimy-serpent-things’. I’m thinking that they are some kind of fantasy creature for a niche that requires a pliant predator.¬†More pansers:

I finally finished the blue serpent after forever! Now I can work on the next one (the circling one). :U

Rogue Out.

Moar Panser.

Moar Panser(s)!

The Red and Black Panser is the first one I started with in my sketchbook. All were done with Micron Pens and colored pencils. Once I finish the Blue one, I’ll probably take better quality photos of them.