Water Phoenix


Finally scanned this quick sketch I did about two weeks ago. This is sort of a companion piece to a really old fire pheonix I drew a year ago (https://theroguemind.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/highlighter-phoenix/). Maybe one day I’ll make a air and earth elemental pheonixes for fun.

~Highlighters, black and blue ballpoint pen.



Can’t tell if it’s a dragon or just a monster.

I wish I had chosen a better set of colors than black and dark purple. I did this in Deviantart’s Muro program just because….


Snowy Owl

I used a reference and drew this little snowy owl in sharpie:

I kept it black and white and outlined it in blue paint pen because I was too lazy to color the whole thing in. The feathers are out of porportion, and I should have sketched out every feather, but I was too lazy (again). Anyways, it was good practice for learning the overall shape of birds.

What’s Black, White and Red?

Drew a Red Crowned Crane for a T-shirt design…

I used a teeny tiny reference photo from a biology book. One of the patches on its head is supposed to be red, but it’s going to be black and white for now.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of black and white designs for T-shirts. I have to say, sharpies are the worst pens ever. They get blunt and have that odor that makes you dizzy after a while. People also complain when you use them and fill the atmosphere with its unpleasant scent. This time I used a paint pen and a ballpoint pen for the sharper lines. Much nicer. I also made a black and white with an octopus, but that’s missing somewhere….