Finished Fox

Completed watercolor painting of a fox (unfortunately too large to scan):


He’s a pretty handsome fellow.




A Foxy Watercolor

A fox watercolor painting:


I am planning to tweak it further and add in more blues and splatters for the background. I didn’t mix most of the pigments; I used a set of watercolor paints I obtained from a long time ago and each tube is already some manufactured shade (…at one point in my life I’d like to try my hand at using the traditional watercolor pigments like burnt umber and vermilion…) It was a fun experiment and a nice diversion from the usual art I do.


Dragon Woodcraft.

Over the winter break time I finished one of those woodcraft kits that was a gift from a few years ago. This one happened to be a dragon that I stained in a ‘red oak’ color and I was extremely proud of it.

So. Many. Pieces.

At the same time I finally got around to staining a fox silhouette cut out of cheap pine for some school workshop thing. I’m also quite happy with it because even though one leg and its mouth is a little awkward, I still have all my fingers.

Fox Silhouette


Old TV Shows I Miss

What old shows do you wish you could still watch on TV?

Firefly Drive with Yellow Exhaust

My friend told me about Firefly and Serenity, and I watched it. I found it so breathtakingly awesome, and I couldn’t believe such a show could only have 14 episodes. It was so clever in execution and the character dialogue and it was a shame that it was put down like a homeless dog. Sure, as fans we all got a movie to tie up the loose ends, but it wasn’t enough for me. Also, my favorite character, besides River, was Wash. And he frickin’ dies. WTF.

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TV Addiction.

What are your must-see TV shows?


Derr…This question makes me feel nerdier than ever. It also makes me feel like a complete TV addict. I probably am, since I record a ridiculous amount of programs. Here are the show’s I take time to watch, in no particular order:

1) Doctor Who.

It’s a classic, but when I mention it to most people they don’t have any idea about what I am talking about. Basically, it’s an alien called the Doctor who goes around solving problems with his intellect. He brings companions/ aka friends along in his TARDIS, a sort of space ship that travels through space and time. It’s scifi and a bit of fantasy, and the show is intriguing in general. The show has been around forever, and I adore it. Simply adore.

2) Torchwood

I mention Torchwood because it’s a spin-off from Doctor Who. A group of higher-than-your-paygrade agents investigate strange happenings around Britian. Some parts of the show are poorly done, or I hate some characters, or a fair number of episodes were utter crap, so maybe it’s not a must-see. I’m still going through the newer seasons through the internet because it’s on a premium chanel in America. D: …Nevermind.

3) Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a scifi show that follows a group of people working to protect ‘Abnormals’. These Abnormals are usually powerful and sometimes dangerous creatures that need to be protected from people who would take advantage of their powers. Sometimes regular mortals need to be protect too. I like this show because I’ve seen the quality improve over the seasons. I also like most, if not all of the characters, especially the ones with funny quips and personalities.

4) House, MD.

It’s a medical drama. It’s completely different from all the other shows I watch. I like the main character, House, because he solves the most random, improbable cases. The character is like a cranky, bastard Sherlock Holmes.

5) Once Upon A Time

It’s about a woman who is brought to a small Maine town were storybook characters are stuck in the real world, and have no idea who they really are. I like the interpretions of the storybook fairytales, like the Evil Queen and Jimeny Cricket. I’m not sure if I like the storyline yet, but the season isn’t finished, so there’s no telling what will happen.

6) Primeval

It’s again a scifi show. My friend got me into it one weekend and I finished all the seasons last week. It’s about a group of people hired by the British government to look into ‘Anomalies’ that open to past eras or even the horrible future. There are certainly some awsome characters, but several of them died throughout some seasons. This show, while it sort of is like Torchwood, trumpts it in its exucution and characters. Overall, it’s pretty consistent, but it did get cancelled in its third season. BBC brought it back for two more seasons, and now a Canadian company is working on a sixth season, but with an entirely new set of people. D’:

7) Terra Nova

It’s on FOX, and I’m scared it will be like Firefly. But on the other hand, it’s not the most amazing show. I started watching it because I saw dinosaurs on the promos. I thought ‘dinosaur show!!’, but it is not a dinosaur show. Most of the time I watch it an ask WHERE are the MAN-EATING dinosaurs!? It’s really about people from a future, alternate timeline who get into the past of another timeline and live in a paradise starting civilization. However there is conspiracy and unseen problems with Terra Nova, and trying not to mess up the earth. Dinosaurs just happen to be there.

8) Firefly and Serenity

I mention them because the same friend who got me into Primeval got me into Firefly. Firefly was about a crew of a smuggling ship in a future with a frontier attitude. FOX cancelled it, but fan popularity allowed a movie to be made to explain what the overall plot was. It was awesome.

9) White Collar

It’s a drama about a good FBI man and a crooked white collar criminal who starts to like his job as a consultant as opposed to running all his life. I like it because it’s all very suave. Most if not all of the episodes had good pacing, and the first two seasons were my favorites.

10) Covert Affairs

I started to watch Covert Affairs because it came on after White Collar. Unlike White Collar, I find some of the episodes boring and sometimes I hardly pay any attention.

11) Fullmetal Alchemist: The Brotherhood

As far as anime goes, I think FMA is one of the best, most well-thought out series. I usually watch Naurto, but I see that it continues to get more and more complicated. FMA has a clear plot and organized world of alchemists. Even my father could understand the plot, and that is saying something. Basically, two brothers commited the ultimate wrong- trying to create using alchemy their mother after she dies. But the law of equivalent exchange causes the youngest to lose his entire body except his soul, and the other loses an arm and a leg. They quest to find a solution to thier dilemma and save the world from a mysterious evil.

12) Heroes

It was about unique, mostly good looking people who have extraordinary powers. From then on it became far too complicated, and I think that is the main reason it lost views and NBC cancelled it. Even I lost track of what was happening, and when the last season was aired, I was not satified with the ending.

13) Alphas

A Scifi network show that is just like Heroes, but not as complicated. A shrink has collected a taskforce of people with powerful brains and accompanying powers. This show has slightly more grounded concepts of powers, like heightened senses, echo-location, etc. Each character is well thought out, with both shortcomings and weaknesses, and I think that is why I was drawn to it.

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