Super Me.

Plinky- What’s your secret superpower?


I have latent ninja skills when it comes to killing flies.

I actually had a conversaton the other day about superpowers. A friend of my brother’s had an intersesting theory; everyone has a superpower, it’s just not save-the-whole-world-worthy. His superpower was to take cold pizza and heat it up in the oven and manage to make the crust fresh and crispy. I can kill flies with a good swatter and a bit of luck. The other day I was able to kill two flies, each on the first try.

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A Beautiful Beach

Plinky- Where’s the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen?

cloudy beach

I don’t even remember where it is, so there is no ‘where’. It was some strip of beach down in San Diego- the kind you pull off the road into a little parking lot kind.

I can only say that it was entirely empty. It was full of screaming seagulls, slow crashing waves that were ankle high, and three sand pipers. I went out there with my brother and my father and I collected some purple rocks for the ten minutes we were there. I must have been nine or ten.

It’s memories like these that I wish I had a time machine to just go back there and take pictures. My memory no longer has the sea smell or color or anything, and I miss that.

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Not a Broken Bone (Or Even a Sprain)

PLINKY- Have you ever broken a bone?Bones are Echoes

I’ve never broken a bone. I don’t think I’ve ever even sprained anything remotely important. I told someone that and they promptly replied, “You must be a really careful person.” I really don’t think its ‘careful’ as much as avoiding active activities.

I think its a bonus of being a nerd. I crash into things all the time, knock stuff off the counter, and I trip over random things. I’m pretty clumsy, but I don’t get serious injuries because I never do anything remotely dangerous. I don’t have the nerve to go skydiving or rock climbing or even play sports. The only injuries I’ve had that are notable are a dog bite and getting a finger caught in a sewing machine needle (and both of those cases are due to my own incompetence). My favorite activities, like drawing, reading and surfing the net are not really going to cause much bone damage. Chalk one up for the introvert side!

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If I Was a Dog…

If you were a breed of dog, what kind would you be?
(Not the kind that appeals to you most, the one with the most similar personality traits.)

Irish Wolfhound

Can’t really think of a dog that sums up all of me…..

I’d probably be a Irish Wolfhound. I’d say I’m rather friendly and can be destructive if left to my own devices- like Irish Wolfhounds. I think it’s an anxiety thing. I like to make stuff and fiddle with arts and crafts when I’m alone at home and it makes a mess. Alternately I could be a Tibetan Terrier- also friendly and a good companion dog. I have a Tibetan Terrier and he’s a fantastic dog because he’s good at listening and (pretty good at) following commands (a majority of the time). Here he is in his mustache’d glory:

My dog :)

Either way I like both breeds but I don’t have a wolfhound because I don’t have the space.¬†And I’d really not want to come home to a huge dog that chewed the couch while I was away…

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Those old school games..

What game are you the champion of?

Jumping Rope

When I think about games I always circle back to the elementary school days were I was pretty fair at dodgeball when its just running away from the balls, but I was awesome at Chinese jump rope. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an image that I liked of it, but it’s that three person jump rope game were one person jumps “in”, “out”, “left”, “right”, and “on” the ropes. There’s so many variations of it, I’m pretty sure every game is slightly different from the last. I think I set a record among my friends by jumping the rope successfully when it was waist high.

As for games I’m good at now, I’m pretty good at video games or first-person-shooter apps on the iPhone. Or adventure games. I’m pretty persistant in beating levels and bosses and whatnot.

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My All Time Favorite Authors:

Who are your all-time favorite authors?

Arkham House books on bookshelf

I really admire David Eddings and his novels. I do see repetition in his stories, but they really made me love fantasy novels and made me the fantasy person I am today. I enjoyed every series and every adventure of his characters.

Douglas Adams books were hilarious and I think I’ve read almost all of his books. One day I’ll find a copy of Thanks for All the Fish.

Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls was my favorite book when I was little. I probably owe that author for a lot of teary reading when I was little. I also like a lot of William Blake poetry, but he was a tiny bit crazy…

J. R. R. Tolkien is another a favorite too. He gave us a world that was fantastic and had a melancholy way about it that isn’t really present in other fantasy stories were every other guy has some crazy magical-fireball-powers-and-secretly-was-raised-by-fairies.

When I was younger I really treasured my dad’s collection of Piers Anthony books. They were entertaining and fun fantasy. They were easy to read and perfect for elemetary school. At the same time I also loved Brian Jacques Redwall series, particularly Taggerung and Marlfox. I’ve seriously reread those books atleast 10 times.

There’s probably more, but these are the ones that impacted me the most.

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