Dragon Mural:

Still working on it. Still.

Eventually they’ll just have to find someone with more talent and time to finish it. There’s some mistakes on the lower body, and I’m generally unhappy with it. Painting on the wall is so alien to me, I don’t think I’ll ever make it a regular hobby.



Dragon Mural

Dragon mural wip1

Never really painted on the wall before. Not really easy or anything. The fish is another artist’s, as was the panda that was covered up later:

Dragon mural wip2

It’s going to be a sage green, white, and maybe a intermediate beige color if I can mix the paint to the right shade (consistently). Paint hates me by the way.




There’s nothing like being sick when it’s grey outside. ):

I haven’t been able to draw anything lately, but there’s an opportunity to paint a mural at my local high school, so I’m excited! Hopefully no one comes up with a better idea than I do, so my sketch will be the first approved. We’ll see what happens this coming Thursday.

Other than that, anyone like Cage the Elephant? They’re amazzzingg….

I was like ‘whut?’ after seeing this video. Then I proceeded to watch it several more times.

Rogue Out