Adena Sketch

Adena sketch

Scan of a pencil and pen sketch of my character Adena from the myth story I posted ages ago: I’m still trying to practice drawing people for some reason :)

At first I was trying to render her face very carefully but then my hand slipped, so it became a sort of sketchy outline of the character instead of something nice and smooth.
I figure this is a take on her after she’s destroyed Scrag the ice dragon ( ) and had a few more adventures that have turned her into a true warrior. She’s still got a nice fuffy wolf pelt cloak which was fun to scribble the outline of. I added a shield because I figure it’d be handy to have as a fighter and most of the other characters in my head don’t have one, so here was my chance.

Lineart done with plain ol’ mechanical pencil and then ballpoint pen.



Cute Redux

I’m supposed to keep turning out cute animal things to sell, but it’s the hardest thing to draw right now. I’ve only managed to make three new ‘cute’ images in the past month. I’m now using my prismacolor colored pencils instead of just plain markers for a little more shading and color.

Redrew the PB & J jellyfish to be larger and without a background. Plus more anatomically correct (concerning the tentacles at least…):

Puppy that looks suspiciously like one of my dogs:

I’ll probably finish redoing the skunk and raccoon pictures I have sooner or later.


Handbound Book: Page 10

Felt like drawing some jellyfish in a more realistic way than I usually do. I took the photo on a grey day, so the pictures are slightly blue-er than what they really are. The darker scribbles on the jellyfish bodies are actually a shade of orange.

Page Technique: Sky was done first in plain ol’ blue highlighter (because I love highlighters- cheapest and fastest color ever. Next I pasted several cutouts of buildings I received from an ad or brochure. Next I sketched in the jellies with the use of some photo references. I outlined them in dark blue pen from my trusty set of old markers. I later added some lighter maker. In order to color the jellies in more, I used my prismacolor pencils to add in blue and purple on the caps and light blue and a scribble of orange on the tentacles. I outlined some buildings afterwards because I thought that they would stand out more.

Detail: (Supposed to be orange scibbles on the jelly.)

Later I might add a phrase at the top. I haven’t thought of a clever line of words or a quote I like yet.



One day I will nail down exactly the shape and function of my ‘pansers’. I know ‘panser’ is German for tank, but I can’t resist the name. It’s better than calling them ‘beasties’ or ‘slimy-serpent-things’. I’m thinking that they are some kind of fantasy creature for a niche that requires a pliant predator. More pansers:

I finally finished the blue serpent after forever! Now I can work on the next one (the circling one). :U

Rogue Out.

Art Dump!

IF I COULD LIVE OFF OF DRAWING STUPID IRRELEVANT THINGS, I WOULD. I’d draw the most fantastic, eye-bleeding, gorgeous unicorns and rainbows. I would have flying toasters plastered across the ceiling.

I drew cliched shrooms, stupid furry things, and slightly squishy things over the summer. No, I don’t leave my house much.

I post these in good faith that they won’t be used for any one else’s purpose. In fact, the pictures I took are poor quality, so why bother?