My Zoo.

Every once and I while I pass by them- these beautifully behaved pets. And I am not talking about the ones on TV commercials or movies. I see them trotting in the park, following the heel command. They don’t jump or strain their necks to sniff a pile of crap or the nearest jogger. They sit dutifully on the grass, free from a leash, while their owner labors over the front yard or work in the garage. They are not like my dogs.

All my little pets antic’s make great stories. I have a myriad of silly things that happen when I turn my back and let the dogs out of my sight. They run outside and then decide the outside world is both exciting and terrible (so they run back inside the house at the first sight of cars). They discover birds are fun to bark at and sneak up on. They make other people laugh at their legendary exploits, I get jealous of the respectful, smart dogs who have proper manners. And the ones who don’t poop on people’s lawns as they step out of their front doors and pee on Chrismas decorations…

All the dogs I own are smart- in the way all dog owners think thier dog is smart. They sit, stay, shake paws, and know how to manipulate you into giving them a treat before bed. However they are still wild animals in a zoo. They eat toilet paper, steal napkins, bark at nothing, unravel yarn and knit hats, and sprint out of the nearest open door as if its the finish line at some Olympic race. :0


Rogue Out.


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