Finished Fox

Completed watercolor painting of a fox (unfortunately too large to scan):


He’s a pretty handsome fellow.




A Foxy Watercolor

A fox watercolor painting:


I am planning to tweak it further and add in more blues and splatters for the background. I didn’t mix most of the pigments; I used a set of watercolor paints I obtained from a long time ago and each tube is already some manufactured shade (…at one point in my life I’d like to try my hand at using the traditional watercolor pigments like burnt umber and vermilion…) It was a fun experiment and a nice diversion from the usual art I do.


Butterflies Like Airplanes

Two skipper butterfiles I stumbled upon as they sat on my guava tree.

These insects may resemble moths, but they are actually butterfiles. They dart and dance aound lantana and other flowers in my garden. Plus they are delicious preying mantis food.