Out of the blue.

I’ve had many revelations this week, one including a box of salt.

So. Salt. I’m not talking about the upcoming movie with Angelina Jolie in it, which looks sort of interesting. I’m talking about a box of plain kosher salt. I didn’t think about it till the other day when I had to grab it from the pantry to refill the salt holder, and I’m surprised that I hadn’t thought in all my years till now. Why is the Morton salt girl carrying a cylinder of salt and letting it drain behind her? I’m sure there’s some ulterior motives behind her curly cut hair and bright yellow dress. Maybe she’s trying to poisen the local snail population. I’m sure the Morton coarse kosher salt people will tell you a different story, but I know how much fun and excitement I got from sprinkling salt grains on the snail that was eating my mother’s plants.

My second, noticably less suspicious realization is that I really really like lime jello. I’ve told people that, and they’re all ‘eww’. I don’t like red jello. I once threw up red jello when I was little, and it was a horrifying experience. I mean, when your like five years old and know nothing, up-chucking red barf makes you suddenly concerned. You would probably try to avoid red jello for the rest of your life too. Lime jello is tasty, green, smells good, and cannot be mistaken for vital life fluids.

The next idea(s) I had is that it’s terribly hot outside where I live, I have nothing to read, and I really have to get back to drawing and such. Plus I’ve got a new calculator, and it’s terribly complicated. Plus I have as many uncategorized posts and Plinky posts. Seems quite odd that I have fallen so dependently on Plinky to push me to update and make me ramble about topics. You would think I would go the ‘rogue’ way and avoid prompts altogether. I suppose since I no more ‘rogue’ than the BP Gulf spill being acceptable, I suppose you readers would understand.

Rogue Out.


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