The Martyr

Promised myself I’d get back in the swing of posting once a week, so here’s a sketchbook scan:

The Matyr

My scanner hates my sketchbook – the blurry side and off coloring are after-effects of its perpetual anger. I’ve also learned a new lesson- use a ruler when drawing chess pieces!

Anyway, the image was first a doodle of a dragon head and then I played with some new black micron pens. The bottommost swirls are actually purple micron pen, but the color’s off.

Someday I’d like to write a full story about dragons and knights and castles. I have so many ideas; one day I’ll sit down and write them all out.


Scaled Dragon sketch

Done in one of my sketchbooks with a thick black pen. Loosely sketched and then sloppily inked over. It was fun and I like the horn pattern, so I might reuse it.

Face detail:



More sketches from my sketchbook. All in green pen. First a unfinished phoenix:

Then a quick idea sketch of Scully, a character I’m working on. Next time I’ll look up some goat and alpaca references for its body.

I want to use my sketchbook for sketching people and animals, but I’d inevitably enter a cycle of drawing Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, etc characters. Then I couldn’t explain it to my average-joe friends who look into my sketchbooks why I am obsessed with certain shows.


I Blame TV.

It doesn’t rot minds. It simply wastes your productive energies and time.

I wasted┬áspent most of my past free time catching up on shows like Grimm and White Collar. And watching Sherlock. Because it’ friggen blew up my mind with its inherent awesomess and then crushed it with the insane Reichenback Falls episode. That was crazy and I can’t get it out of my head. I figure I should get back to doing drawings and stuff.

Here are some scanned images of some silly marker and pen stuff in my sketchbook for Valentine’s day (maybe?):

Narwhals are in fact the unicorns of the sea. National Geographic says so.



One day I will nail down exactly the shape and function of my ‘pansers’. I know ‘panser’ is German for tank, but I can’t resist the name. It’s better than calling them ‘beasties’ or ‘slimy-serpent-things’. I’m thinking that they are some kind of fantasy creature for a niche that requires a pliant predator.┬áMore pansers:

I finally finished the blue serpent after forever! Now I can work on the next one (the circling one). :U

Rogue Out.

Sketchbook sketches

I hope I haven’t posted these before. I feel like I have… More from my sketchbook:

I love my sketchbook. My friend gave it to me for Christmas last year, and I have throughly abused it. It’s a Bazic sketch paper pad with 50 sheets. I really recommend it because it takes color and lead well without wearing out too much.