Chinese New Year

I’m sort of excited for the next new year, Year of the Dragon, so it’s appropriate to post a dragon:

Still Unfinished.

I couldn’t find the original colored pencil version of it, so it’s the photoshop coloring version. As I’m working on it, I’m thinking up a companion short story for this guy. I’m thinking he’s an evil ice dragon holding a mountain pass and force people to give him sheep or somthing as a toll.



Evil by Interpol (2004 Antics album):

When your friends they do come crying
Tell them now your pleasure’s set upon slow-release

Hey wait-
Great smile
sensitive to fate,
Not denial
But hey who’s on trial?

I just found out this song was about a serial killer. Maybe that’s why the video is creepy and the lyrics makes sense now.

Rogue Out.

Good despite other claims.

Despite my cynical comments and rambles, I think the bad guys always suffer. 1,) They like always die, 2,) They always have all these issues, 3,) Everyone is always ‘boo you suck villian’. I couldn’t deal with that kind of response from people.

Plus, I’d rather be good. As much as I dig all the awsome bad guy gadgets and gear, I think I’m too nice to be evil.