Pressing Developments

I watched Minority Report the other day and I really liked all the touch displays and screens shown in the film. Come to think of it, all the sci-fi stuff and gadgets was what I really liked about the movie (what can I say? I’m a “stuff” person). I’m not much of a fan of Tom Cruise or any of the other actors, but the visual inspiration was worth it.

Pressing Developments

I’m writing a short sci-fi story already, so I thought it would be cool to sketch up what one of the main characters looked like. I had trouble with the legs so I cheated and borrowed some Minority Report screen ideas even though my story is more of a futuristic robots and post-human exodus to Mars kind of story. It’s not really the most accurate representation of my story now that I think about it, meaning I should probably redo this later.
I used a lot of refs for the overall anatomy (thank goodness for and for the clothes. I still need to practice drawing people in general; I don’t do any real life studies and it sort of shows. Like the last attempt at a full body person, this took three hours in Oekaki.


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