Not a Broken Bone (Or Even a Sprain)

PLINKY- Have you ever broken a bone?Bones are Echoes

I’ve never broken a bone. I don’t think I’ve ever even sprained anything remotely important. I told someone that and they promptly replied, “You must be a really careful person.” I really don’t think its ‘careful’ as much as avoiding active activities.

I think its a bonus of being a nerd. I crash into things all the time, knock stuff off the counter, and I trip over random things. I’m pretty clumsy, but I don’t get serious injuries because I never do anything remotely dangerous. I don’t have the nerve to go skydiving or rock climbing or even play sports. The only injuries I’ve had that are notable are a dog bite and getting a finger caught in a sewing machine needle (and both of those cases are due to my own incompetence). My favorite activities, like drawing, reading and surfing the net are not really going to cause much bone damage. Chalk one up for the introvert side!

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