Handmade Book: Page 7

More book stuff. Here is page 7, still tentatively done. I had become increasingly interested with Fibonacci numbers and I diecided to make a page while I was still happy with math. Math and I have a messy, love-hate relationship. I like that math can be definitive, but it’s a little too harsh sometimes.

Page Technique: It’s on hotpressed watercolor paper, with a splash grey watercolor in the background. I literally just colored it just to have a color on it. I scrawled math all over it in sharpie, paint pen, and regular pen. Over all that I wrote the first 17 or so numbers in the Fibonacci series in a grey pen I found in my desk. I made the 07, 8, 1, and 3 with computer paper, black paint pen, orange highlighter, and a white gel pen. Then I wrote a really poorly written poem I had from a year or two ago.

I suppose you could read the poem on the page. It’s a pretty bad poem, full of awkward phrases. I regret even writing it on the page now, but it’s done in paint and there’s no going back. The ending is the worst. I think I was too tired to make a coherent ending. It was written for a creative writing class, and it was sort of inspired (well now I think a lot of the page is inspired) by Jean Micheal Basquiat. http://basquiat.com/ Except Basquiat could draw crazy words everywhere and it would make sense. I just made a mess except with numbers and calculus.

#13. Obviously I need to use a little more glue...

Another detail shot:


I didn’t specifically plan it, but the number 7 ended up on this page. Thumbs up to my subconcious for numbering the page for me.



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