The Appeal of the Hunger Games

I went to see The Hunger Games last Wednesday, and now I understand the loads of money it’s making and the rapid sale of the original books. I personally never read the books, but after seeing the movie I’m giving it a second thought. When I first came into the theater, there was only two other groups of people. As the first real trailers started rolling (and not the lame commercials advertising tv shows I would never consider watching….) the room was filled with mostly young people.

Its the kind of movie that keeps people coming back again and again. Maybe not out of extreme, rabid fandom like the Batman trilogy, but very close. I think it presents very likeable characters, namely Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is very kickass in a feminine way- she can wear pretty dresses and also is a great shot with a bow and arrow. She can handle competition, her family, and Peeta (who is a weak male character…) with no trouble. Rue, another female character, is also very charming with her own special talents. The people of the Capitol are maybe not likeable, but ridiculous. Their crazy outfits and their acceptance of the Hunger Games as a sport instead of a barbarian practice is protrayed well and is important to the overall feel of the movie.

The only small problem is that at some points in the movie, I felt like the plot was stalling. It seemed like a long time to reach the ‘Hunger Game’ portion of the movie. However after that part, it felt like atleast half of the movie was spent it the ‘arena’. This film is not overdone with huge explosions and massive battle scenes-its a struggle to win a competition that everyone loses. Overall I think it was the best movie of the year so far. :) I recommend seeing to the Games if you haven’t already.



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