Those old school games..

What game are you the champion of?

Jumping Rope

When I think about games I always circle back to the elementary school days were I was pretty fair at dodgeball when its just running away from the balls, but I was awesome at Chinese jump rope. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an image that I liked of it, but it’s that three person jump rope game were one person jumps “in”, “out”, “left”, “right”, and “on” the ropes. There’s so many variations of it, I’m pretty sure every game is slightly different from the last. I think I set a record among my friends by jumping the rope successfully when it was waist high.

As for games I’m good at now, I’m pretty good at video games or first-person-shooter apps on the iPhone. Or adventure games. I’m pretty persistant in beating levels and bosses and whatnot.

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