Daily Post-thingy. Plus How to Not Read a Book.

I subscribed to The Daily Post when it first came out. And when I do look at the blogs I read, I read down to the first paragraph and never get any farther. I’ve never answered one of the daily topics even if I found a few that were interesting. So today I’ll take a crack at it:

Topic #347: What ordinary skill are you bad at? 

I am bad a reading books. And I mean reading them in the correct order. I think part of my brain is incapable of reading all the chapters of a book page by page. If I like a book I will probably read the first 5 chapters. Once I hit the inciting incident, or whatever the academic types call the part where stuff first starts getting interesting, I skip to the back and read the end. I’ll read the last few pages were everything is all tied up and all the main characters are happy or there’s a clifhanger. I did it with the Princess Bride, The Prince of Thieves, The Pawn of Prophecy, etc… Sometimes I skip around and read future sections where I notice interesting things happening, or interesting chapter titles. I don’t know why I read the ending while I’m still in the middle of the story. It’s hard for me to resist doing it. Friends tell me that it’s not how to read a novel, but I still do it anyway.


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