Mostly Harmless. Just Annoying.

I’m trying not to be pushy and all, but sometimes I wish people would just handle their stuff and get it done.
That statement is probably the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever said….. written, but right now I’m just mad that other people can’t get things done even after I’ve emailed them so many times. I know its ‘winter break’ and all but I’m stressing out and its not good. I talked to these people before the holidays and if I don’t make these deadlines without thier help I am going to be stuck in a very big hole. All I can do is wait and hope all the other people out there are doing their assigned research while I’m stuck inside studying and stuff.
/In other news, I’m so stressed out, I can’t draw:

Unfinished. Cannot Draw.


Another unfinished thing. Probably will never finish...



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