Frienship Bracelets vs. Hemp

I love holiday breaks; they give me the time to craft things and draw.

I recently got into making hemp jewlery. I’ve been making several bracelets with beads and nuts for fun. I know it’s a ‘hippie thing’ but it’s very easy and a forgiving kind of jewlery to make. It’s also very cheap, and you can use a variety of simple strings to make bracelets. About two days ago I bought several tiny packages of colored hemp for a dollar each and used this helpful site: to learn some knots. I’m very experienced at friendship bracelets, and I can tell you that hemp bracelets are honestly easier. The hemp is more forgiving than embroidery floss in friendship bracelets, and one type of knot can make be used several different ways and in combinations with beads for a unique look. While friendship bracelets can have more color and pattern, I think hemp is the faster and easier option.

Rogue Out.


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