Good Times at In Time?

I saw In Time last night, and it was good. I came up with so many bad puns its not even funny anymore.

I came in to see the concept of time as currency. I expected it to be like Robin Hood and the good guy gets the girl because he’s stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

It’s almost like that. Almost. The poor main bloke is suddenly given a huge amount of time from a rich man tired of living in a system where the rich hardly live and the poor die. After a win at poker and drawing attention from the time police, he’s chased and kidnaps a rich girl. Later they start stealing time to ruin the system.

I love the beginning and seeing how people exchange time and how it has a ‘natural feel’. All the characters walk around like this is how it has to be, and how it’s always been. Poor people live day to day and it sucks. Maybe I didn’t feel much ’emotional’ action between all the characters (there’s so many chases in the movie, no joke.), but I liked the premise enough to like the characters. Speaking of the characters, I felt like the actor choices were great. While I didn’t really come to see him or anything, Timberlake was good, except I object to the way he cries when his character’s mother dies. His sobs sound like laughter to me, and me and my friend were laughing at that part…..

All and all I probably liked it more than all the other movies I’ve seen this year. It’s a nice break that reminds me of the creativity of Inception but far easier to understand.

Rogue Out.


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