Totally handing out candy last night, right? Almost got in a fight with a 2-year old, but that is another Halloween story on its own.

The only way to know if you’re a true hardcore Doctor Who fan is to have a silly story like this: My neighbor friend has a great sense of humor, and she made her own costume. I heard her voice before I saw it. From far away, in the dark, and around the curve of my house it looked suspicious. I narrowed my eyes in disbelief. Could it be?- A TARDIS? The bluest blue police box from 1962? Could someone else be a Doctor Whovian? Maybe quite possibly as obsessed as I am about scifi and fantasy? I got really excited and stood up to see if I finally found someone who was just as nerdy as me.

It wasn’t. I soon saw that it was just a red telephone box costume. Handmade out of a huge cardboard box and clever and all, but not a TARDIS. Her sister was a mailbox- which was just as funny (…but not a TARDIS). Then I had an epiphany; wanting to make her own Doctor costume for a serious Halloween party is not a goal shared by many…


Rogue Out.


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