Paper or Digital?

Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device? What about journal writing?

Uber Physics Note Cards

I like to take notes on paper or in a composition notebook. Math notes and suff are easier to read and it’s possible to mark things up, highlight things, etc. If I take notes-like with Evernote or something on my iPhone, I’ll get distracted and do something else. Paper holds my ideas better. My journals on paper are ugly; I’ll type journal entries if I suddenly decide to start a diary…

The best note taking strategy I have is to write the main notes in black pen and special notations in red pen. Then I go over highlight and underline note titles (like ‘Types of Chemical Bonding’) in yellow. Any word definitions are pink, equations and formulas are maked by green/purple, and another random color for incredibly important things to remember (i.e. the stuff teachers say ‘remember for the test!!!’). People laugh at me when I tell them my complicated notes, but I can visually picture them in my head when I take an exam. So deal with it. o-o

I will never use cornell notes! I can’t stand them at all, probably because I had to take cornell notes in a year long history course almost every day. I admit the repetition of taking cornell notes can be useful for some people, but I like my strategy the best. Each to his own.

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