Word Barf! Over It!

What slang words and phrases are overused?



‘Awesome’, ‘cool’, ‘sucks’, etc.

I hear them all the time, and they come out of my mouth too. It’s kind of like word barf; you just say the first simple word that comes out of your head. Or at least that’s what happens to me. I’m pretty sure texting has caused this phenomenon, with all the ways to say BRB, LOL, and other ideas in a short span of time. ‘Fail’ and ‘also’ is probably something I say/write all the time too. I hear people say “I’ll facebook it.” How has that word become a verb? o_0

I think love and hate will never get ‘old’. They are certaintly overused and probably written/said/googled infinity+2 times a day, but I believe people will keep using them irregardless. They are the kind of words people use to describe those variable emotions that can’t really be described well.

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