The Funniest TV Show?

What’s the funniest show on television these days?

I can’t say for ‘on television’ but personally….

tragedy and comedy

I actually never really sit down to watch a show ‘for comedy’. SNL is maybe the only really comedy oriented show I’ve watched. The problem is too many of the jokes fly over my head. I’ve heard Modern Family is the best, but I don’t take the time to check it out…

Most of the shows I watch are dramas…or action dramas?….or sci-fi dramas? Either way they are things like Doctor Who, House, Torchwood, Sanctuary, White Collar, Alphas…etc. It’s a mixed bag, but none of it is strictly for laughter. Despite that- every show I watch has a funny moment or clever phrase.

Doctor Who probably has the most funny pieces out of everything I watch. It’s usually wierd and not really burst-out laughter, but it’s there. White Collar is second (maybe?) because the way the main character, a white collar thief interacts with the sightly boring, FBI agent. It’s more of a witty thing.

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