Internetting I Will Go!

Share what you enjoy most about today’s technology.

I have the world at my fingertips!


I can find anything. Virtually, from my house.

Need to watch previous seasons of a new favorite sci-fi show? Japanese Anime? Hello faithful youtube and or Hulu.

What is the speed of light in fore-longs per fortnight? Avagodro’s Number? Bing Google (The GREATEST browser ever.) + Google Answers.

What time is it in Hong Kong? What day of the week is my 100th birthday on? I have an app for that.

When is my favorite show’s next season scheduled? Thank you Wikipedia editors, you’ve done my work for me.

Now I know the Internet is both the most useful tangled mass of information ever. I know that it is also the most tremendous black hole for time-wasting ever. I can live without the Internet like a dog or a cat with an empty food bowl. I’ll ignore my desires for a while, but I will eventually demand it… or find a bird to kill….

Maybe it’s a false dependency. I can look up a definition in a dictionary. I can pick up a non-fiction novel to find out what the capital of Finland is. And I probably could scan the TV guide for my favorite show’s return. But I can do it instantly with the internet, and that’s all my sad little brain is accusomed to now. It’s an age of minute-to-minute gratification and we don’t have to retain anything.

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