Tea ~ The Drink of Infinite Options!

Coffee vs. Tea?

Tea wins in my house.

Jasmine Tea

I drink the bagged stuff. I drink the leafy stuff. I drink the cold stuff.

There’s so many types, brands, and flavors that I never grow tired of it. Each bag or blend has its own flavor depending on how who made it, how you brew it, etc. I don’t have to buy an expensive coffee/expresso/whatever maker to get the perfect cup. I simply put the leaves or the tea bag into the cup and pour hot water over it. Or stuff it in the fridge to make a refreshing chilled version. Someone gifted me a little clear tea pot-like device so I can strain the tea leaves and put it in a thermos for a day. It’s awsome.

Coffee is great and all I suppose, but I just like tea. Many people I know don’t like tea, but sometimes they just don’t know all the varieties they could try and maybe like. You could try bagged orange pekoe instead of jasmine. Or put milk, sugar, or honey in it.

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2 thoughts on “Tea ~ The Drink of Infinite Options!

  1. I also find that tea has more options for diversity of flavors and aromas than coffee, which is one of the reasons I like tea so much. I also like that it has less caffeine than coffee, so I can drink more of it without feeling jittery. I have enjoyed tea for a long time, but I recently designed and created a tea rating website, RateTea.net, and that has opened up a whole world of diversity in teas for me. Some of the teas I’ve sampled are truly astounding in terms of how they are able to mimic the flavors of other foods, drinks, flowers, or plants.

    Do you have any favorite styles of tea, or companies to buy from? Are there any types you would like to get more into? Lately I’ve been sampling a lot more Assam (black) teas, because I haven’t tried many of them in the past. Right now as I write this I’m drinking a cup of Pai Mu Tan, a Chinese white tea.

    • Most of the teas I drink are white or green teas. Teavanna teas are pricey (and they sometimes require very hot water or specific brewing times), but they have a large variety to choose from. I would try their blends of tea, like the Strawberry Paraiso (but I would read the customer reviews, because some of their teas are hit and miss). Thank you for commenting!

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