Why Did I Jump Onto the Fashion Wagon?

I suppose it’s not the most horrible crime to the eyes that’s ever happened. Everyone had the little strippy-streak-blond-even-if-you-were-already-blonde at that time. Alot of the people I knew were all getting highlights, low-lights, whatever-lights they could get their hands on.



I have to say I regret dying my hair with chestnut highlights and then chocolate-red highlights.

Now I want to have different hair highlights everyday.

I can’t say I really like my hair; it’s boring and uninspired. At first I dyed it with a lighter brown than I already have, incorrectly, so I still have a ‘bleached’ portion of my hair just above the shoulder.

I changed my look for straight permed hair with gentle red highlights because I started to hate the streaks. I like having it red but the color I have only shows up in the sunlight. There should be an invention that allows you to change your hair color everyday…Excellent. I can match my hair with my outfit…

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