Well, I Sing to Just About Anything.

What songs must I always sing lyrics out loud to?

I sing pretty awfully. That’s why you don’t catch me singing. I reserve that privilege for the water drops on my shower door. Or my computer.

They don’t mind.


Singing gibbon

Anyway, I sing to just about any of the music I usually listen to when I’m alone; Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Spoon, the Moog, Sum 41, the list goes on. However I have to have the music playing or I’ll come up with nothing.

I have to say the songs I really know well, without the music, are Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”, the Strokes’ “I Can’t Win” and “Between Love and Hate” (which has like, four stanzas…well it counts…), and Modest Mouse’s “Like a Cockroach”. I’m willing to hum those in public.

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