My Experience with Natural Disasters

I have to say I’ve felt the strange rolling sensation of earthquakes.


Inangahua Junction bridge after the 1968 earthquake

Well I live on the west coast. It’s earthquake countr–state. I guess when I say earthquake you may think things shaking off the table, dishes breaking into pie-shaped shards, ducking under the doorframe….

Luckily, all the shakes I’ve ever felt were more like small ripples, or the sensation of stepping on an escalator for the first time. You’re not used to walking onto a surface that is moving, and it’s a “Woah…wo-aaahh” moment when an aftershock (smaller quake after the initial shudder) happens. Hopefully the state’s earthquake faults will have a few more small earthquakes. We’re probably less likely to have a built-up, strong quake that way. Small quakes are really the most exciting or annoying thing in life.


WHEN the news station drones about it for FOUR HOURS. –> **Yes people, that was a little 3-point-whatever earthquake. We’re going to talk endlessly about it, show cell-phone video, pictures of slightly damaged things, blah. blah. blah. Now for a commercial break, then we’ll be back to ramble about the quake some more…**

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