Three Countries I'd Like to Visit

The three countries I’d like to visit are all places I’m facinated by.


Skyline – Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong:
Disneyland! Plus I’ve heard it’s some of the most expensive real-estate in the world. It’s a small island within ferry distance of China, and some of my family came from there. It’s populated with small shops and restaurants and other equally intriguing things to me.


I love the food- sushi, soups, noodles, etc. Japan doesn’t export out any of their sushi rice, and I wonder what it tastes like! Plus I’m into manga, anime, and checking out the vending machines. Facinating. Plus I love Asian Kung Fu Generation, and I can’t get my hands on an album. :O

Isn’t it one of the best places to live or the most prosperous? I’d probably never visit in the winter however. I’ve heard it snows horrendously. Either way, I love smoked fish.

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