My Holiday Travel(Less) Plans

I’m staying home.

I’d really rather sit inside my house and maybe have someone call or video chat or visit for a day.


Gingerbread House

Besides, when you’re on vacation, other people are on vacation. It’s hard to go anywhere.

Going ‘Christmas Shopping’ is like getting up in the morning and being pushed into a mosh pit. With holiday music in the background. And plenty of shopping carts to run into. No thank you. Flying or driving somewhere is almost the same thing, minus the shopping carts and more sick, infectious people sitting within coughing range. Let’s not forget the weather. It’s been raining where I live and people are fleeing from thier houses to escape cabin fever.

Maybe I’m some anti-social freak, but I like spending my vacation in the comfort of my own home. I suppose a day out visiting some national park or something is always nice, but I could always do that on the weekends. Vacation time is like holy, blissful hours of relaxing and taking a break.

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