So I Read Those Books….

And then I saw the movies last Wednesday.

I’m of course talking about Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 1 movie. It’s the latest movie of Rowling’s books to be supped up and put into the cinemas for people who read the books and need more visual stimulation. Of course there are things I liked, things I saw coming because in part the reading of the book ruined it for me, and things I didn’t like…

Maybe I’m being overly critical, but it was sub-par. Some of the moments where slow and I felt like it was poorly done in comparison to the way the film was paced with lots of action scenes and etc. For example, at the end, when a certain someone dies, and Harry gets this paused look on his face. Then he’s all “I want to give him a proper burial”. I know that’s basically what happens in the book, but either it was the acting or the way the moment was, I didn’t think it helped my appreciation of the film. It just left me thinking, ‘well, that was random…’ Plus I wish I saw more of the adult characters in the film. I know ‘Harry Potter’ is in the title of the film for a reason, but I wish he didn’ seem to dominate the entire movie. I wanted to see Mad Eye, Lupin, and even Hagrid more. Where were they for the said weeks at a time Harry & company were gone? Didn’t they help save the world too?

Then there were the special effects. Lots and lots of explostions and sparkly-whispy-smoke effects. After six films and the current ablilites of the CGI industry, all the effects are very seamless. It sort of sits in the back of your mind and for a while doesn’t seem ‘special’ until the movie is over. I didn’t think anything of the spectral deer that shows up halfway in the film or the snake or the fantastic magic-lightning until I came home that night.

….I have to say the thing that turned me off the most was Hedwig dying before the movie’s climax even happens. Why do all my favorite characters die?

Rogue Out.


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