The Fouth Pair of Legs is Overkill.

A big spider in my bedroom?

Smoosh it first. Quickly. With a shoe. Apologize to Mother Nature later.

Black Widow Spider

I like praying mantises, dragons, centaurs, generally things with more legs than normal, but spiders are creepy. I understand that they eat insects and unwanted bugs, but I live in the West, were the Black Widow grows huge. And they happen to be very deadly in most cases.

In a way, the Widows are not as scary as ‘hairy-looking’ jumping spiders to me. Things that go bump in the night freak me out, but the things that go jump in the night are even worse. I picked up a plastic pot outside once, and one popped out onto my hand. Thus commenced the shrill squeals.

Rogue Out.

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